How to Test EMF Protection Levels

We have made a video

where I show how you can confirm if an item is truly providing a shield from EMFs

This is accomplished by a simple kinesiology muscle test that you can try at home.

Now, this test is the only way I know of where I can PHSYCALLY show you that EMFs have a negative effect on our bodies and that Secret Synergy Stones actually provide protection. 

Watch the video HERE.. for kinesiology muscle testing.

EMFs weaken cells at the DNA level. Unfortunately, there really is no way to visually demonstrate the strain your cells are currently experiencing from EMF exposure. But I can demonstrate weakening of muscles to EMF exposure.

The results experienced in this test are a direct indicator of how weakened every cell, every organ, every tissue in the body is, when exposed to EMFs. And it’s important to keep in mind that weakened cells are THE root cause for ALL forms of diseases, too many of which are overwhelming prevalent these days.

As I explained in our video titled “How do Secret Synergy Stones protect from EMFs”, we have found that the strongest and most stable EMF protection occurs when multiple synergy stones are combined. So today we are going to do some testing with various items to show the levels of strength for each. 

EMF exposure is coming at us 24/7 and we need to be proactively protecting ourselves 24/7. The more forms of protection you implement – the better!! Today we are demonstrating this testing with our jewelry – but also available are adhesive protectors for all your electronic equipment and pyramids for home/office/barn protection.

To get started I would like to mention that this testing is visual, but it is even more tactile. The results are ‘felt’ more profoundly by the person being tested, and the person doing the testing, than what is necessarily visible to those watching. So, when you get your Secret Synergy jewels – you can try this testing at home – and be sure to take turns and test each other for the full tactile understanding of the results. 


Kinesiology Testing for EMFs

Check out this great video

EMF Detector & Secret Synergy Stones