What are EMF's?

EMFs or Electro-Magnetic Fields are invisible lines of force that  surround all electrical devices.  EMFs are invisible areas of energy,  also known as RADIATION. Magnetic fields from Wi-Fi passes through most  materials, including the DNA cells of all living creatures. 

Dr. Robison: Muscle Testing with Energy Stones

Applied Kinesiology is an energy test that utilizes muscle testing to  demonstrate the bodies reaction to various exposures. With such testing  you can test to see if the body craves an item, or is weakened by an item.   

In this video Dr. Robison demonstrates how Caroline's body reacts to  each of the core stones used in Secret Synergy jewelry. The results demonstrated that the  synergistic combination found in Secret Synergy Stones provided the strongest energy shielding.

Testing EMF Protection using Secret Synergy Stones

It's actually kind of fun to test each other with your cell phones and Secret Synergy Stones. Be sure to try these tests yourself!

EMF exposure weakens our bodies cell by cell. In this video we show you how to do your own EMF muscle testing, where you will see how much weakening effect your cell phone has on your muscles ~ and how Secret Synergy Stones deflect the EMFs. 

The results showing you're muscles are definitely stronger when shielded from EMFs using Secret Synergy Stones!

Showing EMF Protection using Secret Synergy Stones

In this video we use an electromagnetic radiation detector. We held the tester in front of a TV running WiFi showing the EMF radiation. When a Secret Synergy Stone is held between the TV and the tester - ALL EMFs are blocked down to zero readings.


About Secret Synergy Stones

How Do Secret Synergy Stones protect us from EMF exposures?

There are different stones that can protect us from EMF exposures. Each has its own properties and values for energy distribution. 

The most effective stones for EMF shielding are Shungite, Tourmaline, Orgonite and Scalar.

What we here are Secret Synergy Stones have found is that each of these stones provides protection from EMFs. Yet, when combined together the synergistic effect is significantly amplified resulting in ultimate EMF protection.

EMF Testing using Secret Synergy Stones

We have made a video where I show how you can confirm if an item is truly providing a shield from EMFs. 

This is accomplished by a simple kinesiology muscle test that you can try at home.

EMFs weaken cells at the DNA level. The results experienced in this test are a direct indicator of how weakened every cell, every organ, every tissue in the body is, when exposed to EMFs. 

To get started I would like to mention that this testing is visual, but it is even more tactile. The results are ‘felt’ more profoundly by the person being tested, and the person doing the testing, than what is necessarily visible to those watching. 


Directions for braiding in Fancy Mane Beads

Watch how to easily braid in Fancy Mane Beads for equine EMF protection. Step by step directions for Secret Synergy Stones Fancy Mane Beads for 24/7 anti EMF shielding for horses.


Today's technological world has created EMF exposure at levels that were never before comprehended or considered. The result  is an ever-increasing strain on the health of all living Beings.

So much so ~ that EMF protection needs to be included in your overall health and wellness lifestyle practices for you, your family and your pets.

The effects of EMF exposure may cause problems with behavior, digestion, sleep, and fertility, as well as your pets biological tissue, organs, and vitamin/mineral levels. 

Smart Meters Radiation

Smart Meters have been installed all across the U.S. without most people even know their house now has a Smart Meter. This increases your families EMF radiation exposure EXPONENTIALLY! 

One of the most concerning aspects of Wi-Fi is how inconsistent the waves of radiation are and that they are coming at us 24 hours a day. 

Secret Synergy Stone necklace completely blocks the radiation coming off of this Smart Meter.  Secret Synergy Stones protect you from pulsating exposures of Wi-Fi EMF radiation.

How to Adjust a Sliding Knot Necklace

Cord Necklaces: How to Slide the Sliding Knots.

It is best to find the standing cord and pull on one side at a time to either loosen or tighten length of necklace. It is not advised to pull on the knots at the same time, but rather individually.