Secret Synergy Stones – FAQs

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1.) Why is it recommended to wear my Secret Synergy Stones 24/7?

EMFs are coming at us 24 hours a day. They come from our cell phones, our Wi-Fi routers, our Smartmeters, nearby cell towers, and much much more! These ongoing erratic radio (radiation) waves are bombarding our cells non-stop 24/7. So, for best protective and balancing results we strongly recommend wearing your protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

2.) How do I decide if I want to buy jewelry - or pyramids - or cell phone stickers…?

Each item has its own protective values and reasoning. Wearing jewelry protects the wearer (and only the wearer) from negative energy from all sources and all directions. Having a pyramid, or a bag of stones, in a room protects that room and all occupants who enter it, people and pets alike. Having a cell tab sticker on your phone (or laptop, or keyboard, or monitor, or printer, or microwave,  or smart appliance, etc.) protects that device so that it does not radiate anyone who is near and not protected. For best results – use all forms of protection – wear jewelry to protect yourself no matter where you are – put cell tabs on your phone (and all wireless/Wi-Fi/Smart devices) so that it does not radiate your friends, loved ones, or pets - and place a pyramid, or bag of stones, in every room of your home, office, barn, garage, and your car, etc… so all who enter that space are safely protected from random Wi-Fi waves. 

With 5G being added to the already existing 2G, 3G & 4G it's wise - and affordable -  to take every measure you can to protect yourself, your family, and your pets, all day, everyday, in every way!

3.) Why is there a black residue from wearing Secret Synergy Stones?

One of our foundational stones is Shungite, which has a high amount of carbon in its composition. This carbon is a natural property of the stone and it actually is a confirmation of authenticity of the product. You can use mild soap to remove from skin or clothing. To get rid of the black residue on the stones themselves you can wash your items carefully under warm running water. (Setting in the sun to dry is optimal.)

4.) Why are some of my black stones turning a dull grayish color? 

That is also the Shungite. It’s a living stone and it dulls with time and usage. The good news is that the energetic properties do not dull with age, only the look of the stone. You can rinse them in warm water with a mild soap and then put them in the sun for 3 hours, if you feel they may need to be replenished.

5.) Does my jewelry need to be cleansed and set out in the sun for rejuvenation? 

Many gem stones and crystals can benefit from be cleansed and the most common form of doing so is setting them out in the sunlight (or moonlight) for about 3 hours. Interestingly, Shungite has the ability to cleanse and purify the stones around it and therefor it helps to keep all our pieces cleansed and strong. That said, it is not a bad idea to put the jewelry in the sun from time to time.

6.) How do Secret Synergy Stones work?


There are different stones that can protect us from EMF exposures.  Now had you told me this a few years ago, I would have laughed at the  idea. Now I know differently and I am on a mission to help provide EMF  protection, and information, to people and their pets around the world.

As I explain in this video - click here.

7.) I kind of felt a little ‘funny’ for the first few hours that I wore my Secret Synergy Stones, why was that?

Secret Synergy Stones are designed with a synergistic combination of stones that helps to ‘ground’ the body wearing them. This grounding is literally balancing you with the earth’s energies. Due to our current technological environments we may be much more out of alignment than we realized and our bodies can feel a bit differently for the first few hours, possibly causing a slight sense of feeling off-balance. This does not occur with everyone and it typically only lasts for about 5 minutes to 3 hours, and then you will feel wonderfully balanced, grounded, and centered.

8.) Is it beneficial to wear multiple items of Secret Synergy Stones?

It can be beneficial to wear more than one item, and many happy customers wear 2-3 items. Though, with any natural product – each of us is different and therefore we all have different needs and results. As well, each person can respond differently to different pieces/stones. You can try wearing one item for a few days and they try adding another item and see if there is any difference in your physical responses. You can also try mixing-matching various items to find which combination your body responds to best. It can vary, but it is safe – and fun- to play around and find out what is best for you.

9.) So the if the EMF protective stones are the black ones - do the colored stones have any energetic properties?

Yes. All our stones are genuine stones and each has its own properties. And when any stones are near Shungite, the Shungite amplifies the strengths of all stones within that piece. Check out our listing of stones and their properties here....

10.) How long does the jewelry last?

The energetic properties of the stones will last forever, as they are literally billions of years old already. The actual jewelry itself may at some point break as the elastic and/or the cotton cords may not last forever. Most folks find they last a good long while, unless you are unusually hard on the jewelry. Taking items off to shower may lengthen their lifespans, being sure to be gentle with them when removing them.

11.) How do I adjust my adjustable necklace?

Watch this short video to see how to easily and properly adjust your necklace to the length you desire.

12.) How do I know what size bracelet to order?

Measure your wrist. If you like a snug bracelet order one about the same size as your wrist. If you prefer a lose fitting bracelet then add 1/4 inch (or more) to your wrist measurement and chose that size bracelet

13.) I’m not noticing a big difference in how I feel when wearing Secret Synergy Stones. How do I know if I am sensitive or being weakened from EMFs when I’m not protected?

Today’s EMF exposures are literally 100 million times higher than ever experienced before our current technological revolution. EMF radiation is much like a strobe light on all the cells within all living beings. Every cell in our body is being zapped with an erratic strobe light effect of Wi-Fi wave lengths 24 hours a day. We are all being affected whether we feel it – or not. Much like sugar, caffeine or alcohol – everyone displays a different visible result from consumption of these products, some folks can ingest a lot and show little outward changes, and other folks can barely have any and show intense outward changes. Yet, each of these products behaves the same inside the body at the cellular level, no matter if the person ‘feels’ it or not. EMF radiation is much like that – we all are being bombarded and our cells are being altered, whether we feel it or not. Note of interest: We have found about 85-90% of our customers ‘feel’ better when wearing our jewelry. It's a great idea (and fun!) to do muscle testing with the jewelry – see how here in this video…