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EMF Detector & Secret Synergy Stones

In this video we use an electromagnetic radiation detector. We held the tester in front of a TV running WiFi showing the EMF radiation. 

When a Secret Synergy Stone is held between the TV and the tester - ALL EMFs are blocked down to zero readings.  

EMF Muscle Testing Demonstrated

Here is how you can confirm if an item is truly providing a shield from EMFs.   

This is accomplished by a simple applied kinesiology muscle test that you can try at home. To get started I would like to mention that this testing is visual, but it is even more tactile.  

So, when you get your Secret Synergy jewels – you can try this testing at home – and be sure to take turns and test each other for the full tactile understanding of the  results.         

How Do Secret Synergy Stones Shield EMFs?

There are different stones that can protect us from EMF exposures.   

EVERYTHING is energy. Literally - everything is part of a universal energy.


There are various products on the market that can protect us from EMF exposures. Each has its own properties and values for energy distribution. The most  effective stones for EMF shielding are Shungite, Tourmaline, Orgonite  and Scalar.

When combined together the synergistic effect is significantly amplified resulting in ultimate EMF jewelry.